New material update

1) A new spreadsheet for calculating G has been added. See the Spreadsheets page.

2) A journal paper is now due to be published in Building Acoustics. See the Articles page.

3) The results from the project suggest that important features a stage enclosure is to provide effective compenstaion for the inherent skewed level balance between the different instrument groups of the orchestra. Such an effective compensation appears to be best accomplished by having reflections with small delay from specific directions – particularly from surfaces close to the orchestra at the sides. But maybe as important, or even more important: to allow or aid the players to hear the late reverberant response from the main auditorium. (The response from the main audiutorium will always be late due to the distances involved). This is likely to contribute to a sense of acoustic communication with the audience area, that appears to be an important aspect of the acoustic conditions for the player. Measuring Glate on stage and in the stalls area (in the main auditorium) appears to be a useful method to investigate the level of contribution of late reverberant sound from the stage enclosure and main auditorium on stage. A brief article has been added regarding details on measured  Glate in the stalls area (audience area) compared to on stage for eight different venues (the BSO venues), see the Articles page.


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